Heres why art greeting cards are better than the rest

Here’s Why Art Greeting Cards Are Better Than The Rest

   Ever wished to transform simple messages into effective ones that people will find hard to forget? Using art wedding cards will convey your message to others in the most memorable and attractive way. Here is a look at what makes art greeting cards stand out from other types of communication:

   * Customized Greeting Cards Reflect Your Personality:

   Unlike generic cards, personalized cards allow you to infuse a bit of your personality. These messages can highlight your appreciation of simple things, your playful nature or your zest for an upcoming project. These cards let you express that you actually know what the recipient wishes to see in a card. Since these are not generic cards but custom-made art wedding cards, they are your unique expression.

   * Custom-Made Oil Paintings Allow You To Express Yourself Exceptionally Well:

   Whether you need art greeting cards to just say ‘hi’ to someone a bit differently, to congratulate a dear one on an achievement or to invite your friends over for a party, these cards allow you to express yourself very well. It is surprisingly easy to find the right card for any event – be it a quick message for a close friend, a big family gathering or a party with friends. The right card will help get your recipient ready for what you are going to say. For instance, while art wedding cards with cartoon characters would show that you are up to something fun, the recipient will already smell a party as he holds art greeting cards with party decorations.  

   * People Will Save These Art Cards And Even Reread Them:

   Unlike an email, a generic card or a phone call, customized cards are something people love to save, reread and cherish. If you succeed in creating unique cards, it will give people a picture to display and a very memorable greeting. While phone calls get forgotten and emails get filed away, a really good card will be something your recipient will proudly display.

   * Art Wedding Cards Show People You Really Care:

   If there is something that convinces people that you care, it is choosing something right for them. And art greeting cards do just that. Instead of simply choosing an art card from the available options, try to create a customized one that reflects the taste of the recipient and exactly fits the situation. Choosing a branded greeting card simply shows that like everyone else you too are aware of when you are supposed to send someone a card. On the other hand, choosing a customized card shows that you stand out from the crowd and know how to pick the right art wedding cards for the moment.

   * These Customized Cards Are Fun:

   Regular cards too feature good art. But the art greeting cards demonstrate your ability to select watercolors or designs that are perfect for each occasion and then send it to the right person. Instead of simply expressing a greeting, these customized cards highlight your skill and taste in spotting the right type of designs that would express your feelings.

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Steps for making a binder portfolio part of

Steps for Making a Binder Portfolio – Part 1 of 3

The nature of your portfolio will depend to some degree on the kind of art or craft you make. Sometimes it is possible to use the actual art and sometimes instead you need to include photographs or drawings of the art.

Use the original art where possible. This may determine the size of your binder. If you are to include photographs of your art or craft, you must learn how to take good photographs so that your art can be seen well. You can assemble a portfolio in three or four steps. If you have a lot of your work on hand, you may be able to make one in an afternoon, but even if you must start making your art or crafts from scratch, you should be able to have a portfolio completed within a month.

Your first step is to select and purchase a good binder or presentation case. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, but you want to take care that you choose something that is attractive and does not appear too cheap. If you are including original artwork, you may want to look for a larger size, perhaps 11″ x 14″ or 14″ x 17″. Larger than that can become awkward to keep with you and limit it’s use. Portfolios of modest size that hold standard typing paper are very convenient to carry, and still large enough in most cases to serve your needs. Very small binders about the size of a baby-brag book could be useful for showing jewelry, or as a duplicate portfolio small enough to keep with you always, but it is too small for most professional use.

Look for a binder where you can easily exchange your artwork or photographs, so that you can keep your portfolio current and improve it. Avoid permanently affixing any art or photo to the binder. Page protectors can be very helpful in keeping your artwork and photos clean, and you can then mount photos to pieces of quality paper with hinges and write descriptions on the paper. This also makes it easy to switch out examples of your work. Catalogs and art stores will have examples of portfolio systems for you to consider.

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Tips for maintaining oil painting

Following are the tips for you to maintain good oil painting habits:

Tips for saving color:
• Clean away any mixtures near heaps of colors you are setting up to keep.
• Keep a habit to put colors in same place on palette – used up areas must be worn out wiped for new oil paint for next painting session.
• For disposable palettes scoop off mounds of paint you desire to maintain with your knife and move them to a fresh sheet; if a skin shapes, stab and take away the skin and work with the new color under.
• If you are not regular on painting for a week – cover palette with plastic cover place in freezer.
• When you desire to clean your palette clean off central mixing area of wooden/acrylic palette, when you are done with your oil painting,
• For caring for tube keep tubes clean, wipe necks caps.

Caring for your brushes:
• Wipe to take away surplus paint on rags, newspaper, etc.
• Rinse in container of solvent not advisable to soak.
• Clean your oil painting brush with rags, newspaper to immerse up solvent
• You can also use mild soap (shampoo or dawn), put dab in palm of your hand, foam brush in palm moving in circle to work foam into bristles.
• Lather wash it in lukewarm water until soap suds are snow white, rinse with clear water; bristles might discolor.
• Press bristles into tidy, solid shape while moist.
• Let it dry and store in jar bristle-end up.

Safety precautions:
• Read labels on oil paints and mediums – some are gently toxic (cadmium colors), so you need to careful with it.
• Avoid consumption of food or smoking while you paint
• Wash hands carefully after oil painting reproduction session; try using lotion to hands before hand, paints would wash off easier
• Some solvents don’t create deadly fumes, any how, must be used in well air room – open a window
• Some solvents are combustible also and toxic (gasoline, kerosene) – stick to turpentine and petroleum stuff made for artist’s use.


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August osage county tickets for a great evening on broadway

August: Osage County Tickets for a Great Evening on Broadway

August: Osage county tickets are a hot favorite among theatergoers, as they appreciate this tragic comedy. This play is a Steppenwolf Theatre Company’s presentation and is by Tracy Letts. You can watch the play at the Imperial Theater, 249 West 45th Street, 212 239-6200.

A Brief Review

Purchase the best August: Osage county tickets and watch Anna D. Shapiro’s commendable direction. The sets have been designed by Todd Rosenthal and the costumes are by Ana Kuzmanic, who has done a good job too. The lighting is by Ann G. Wrightson and David Singer has scored the music. Sound is by Richard Woodbury.

The Cast

The cast has been selected carefully and each character has been done justice. The cast includes:

Deanna Dunagan – Violet Weston

Beverly Weston – Dennis Letts

Amy Morton – Barbara Fordham

Francis Guinan – Charlie Aiken

Ian Barford – Little Charles

Kimberly Guerrero – Johnna Monevata

Mariann Mayberry – Karen Weston

Sally Murphy – Ivy Weston

Madeleine Martin – Jean Fordham

Jeff Perry – Bill Fordham

Rondi Reed – Mattie Fae Aiken

Brian Kerwin – Steve Heidebrecht

Troy West – Sheriff Deon Gilbeau

The story revolves around Violet, who is suffering from mouth cancer. Her husband Weston has disappeared suddenly and so her family gathers at her 3 story house to offer her comfort. It soon turns out that each and every member of her family end up needing to be comforted, while they recover from Violet’s harsh tongue-lashings. The sets are realistic and the costumes seem to enhance the traits of each character superbly. The characters are extremely believable and it is to be stated that Violet and Barbara have received praise from all quarters.

Your can plan to enjoy a fun evening with friends and family by booking the August: Osage county tickets from an authorized ticket broker. You are sure to get the best tickets, orchestra or mezzanine or even premium tickets at a price that you will not mind paying.

If you book your August: Osage county tickets from an authorized ticket broker, you need not have to get the tickets by standing in queues or having to wait on the day of the show at the box office. Many people wait at the box office and end up going back home wasting time and energy. Some trust strangers who advertise online and pay unreasonable prices for rather cheap tickets. Scalpers are approached by many too, but you can buy tickets from unauthorized people only at a risk.

Instead of taking such risks, you can book tickets at an authorized ticket broker’s website. If you do so, not only do you get genuine tickets, but get them at a price you will not mind paying. No more mad rushes at the last minute to the box office just pick up your phone and call the authorized ticket broker’s toll free line or get online and make your bookings. The ticket brokers make it more convenient by having the tickets delivered to your home using FedEx services. Pre-book your August: Osage county tickets and enjoy one of Broadway’s much talked about shows.

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How to set up a 3d design studio using only free software

3D Graphics creations are often perceived as requiring costly software. Well, this is not always the case because the internet is really a place loaded with free goodies waiting to be utilized. With the relevant skill, a designer or artist can produce works (using these free tools) that are comparable to what professional tools can do.
I will show you how to start a professional 3D graphic design studio using only free software. To produce credible 3D graphics, the tools must be able to perform the various functions namely:
1. Modelling
2. Rendering
3. Animation
4. Image editing
5. Texture creation
Well, we need to substitute commercial tools with their free and or open source equivalents.
The following is a reference to the various free 3D and graphics related resources that can be downloaded from the net.
For 3D modelling, rendering and animation there are at least 2 excellent free alternatives. They are Blender 3D and Truespace 3.2. You can get Blender 3D from Truespace 3.2 can be downloaded from which is the homepage of Truespace’s maker.
For purely dedicated 3D modeling, Wing3D is an easy to use yet very powerful tool. You can get this 3D modeling software from What you need to do, is to model your stuffs on this software and then export then to either Blender3D or Truespace. File formats such as 3D Studio (3DS) , Wavefront (OBJ) and VRML (WRL) are all supported by Wings3D and can be used for exporting 3D models (created in Wings3D) to other 3D programs such as Blender3D and Truespace.
For image editing and texture creation, Gimp is a most excellent tool. This is a very powerful image editing tool. It supports layers like most professional image editors. Its many filters are excellent for creating textures and image maps for 3D models. Gimp can be downloaded from
Less well-known than Gimp but very delightful to use is Pixia. This is a Japanese software. Fortunately there is an English version. This tool is excellent for painting and is thus useful for creating image maps for 3D models. Pixia can be downloaded from
Well, these are the free equivalents that can perform the work of commercial tools. Commercial software may be more convenient and easier to use, nevertheless these free tools can get the job done too. So, if you are on a tight budget, this may be the route to go.

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